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Personal Assistance

We provide personal assistance to members in performing tasks they would normally perform if it were not for their disability. This includes guiding, directing, or overseeing the performance of self-care and self-management activities.

Mentally disabled woman smiling while playing chessboard


We assist with self-care tasks, which include aid with eating, bathing, dressing, mobility, personal hygiene, and other activities of daily living. We also offer assistance with light housework, laundry, meal preparation, transportation, and grocery shopping.

Autism boy learning and having fun together, with school tutor


We provide self-management that includes assistance with encouraging safe and responsible behavior, exercising judgment with esteem for our member’s health and well-being, communication, budgeting, coping skills, and giving emotional support and guidance to other resources the member may need access.

Man with syndrome reading a book

Personal Development

We provide personal engagement which includes teaching members about self-care and self-management skills, physical fitness, behavior management, sensory, motor, and psychological needs, and interpersonal skills.

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Community Engagement

We offer community engagement that includes participation in spiritual activities of the member’s choice while encouraging the pursuit of personal development and opportunities.

Adult men with disability sitting at desk in rehabilitation

Personal Well-being

We help improve clients' personal well-being, which includes direct and indirect intervention.

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24/7 Staffing

We provide on-call personnel who are available 24/7, including all statutory holidays, in case of any emergency.

Welcome to Impactful Residential Care

For your loved ones with developmental and intellectual disabilities, such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we can ensure their safety and well-being. Here at Impactful Residential Care, your dear ones are in good hands! Our skilled and compassionate care professionals are always ready to tend to their unique needs. If you want to witness how we create a positive impact on your loved ones’ lives, allow us to care for them today!

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

We believe that family is more than kin. That is why we treat our residents and their loved ones like our family. We provide individualized, dependable care that helps our residents live their lives with a purpose. We do all of these with kindness and, most importantly, with love.

  1. Customize Care: We provide customized care for each of our residents that fits their lifestyle and goals.
  2. Comfort of Home:All of the residents have the option of choosing their rooms. They can also decorate their rooms according to their style.
  3. Season Dining: Enjoy homemade meals made daily by the staff or by yourself if you enjoy cooking.
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To continue championing quality of life for all our residents. IRC is dedicated to fostering compassion to positively impact the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities while promoting independence, self-esteem, dignity, respect, and excellent quality of life.

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